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Mythica Voice Over

Award Winning Commercial Voiceover

Female Voice Overs for Commercials

We love commercial voice over! Our love of this voiceover format was reflected in Felicia’s recent win of a One Voice Award for “Best International Female Voice Over Performance”.

Are you looking for the perfect voice actor for your story?
One of our favorite types of voiceover storytelling to work on – commercial voiceover offers clients so much to explore with their story.

Felicia loves providing her clients an expert storyteller and authentic sound. As a business – you need to reach your clients and customers – but you need to do so in a way that doesn’t hit them over the head with “selling”.  

Customers today are savvy and understand intuitively when they are being sold to.  Brands that hit it out of the park are ones that can speak to the audience on their level – being a voice of authority on the product without being pushy, too much of an announcer or obvious.  Your audience will align with a voice that is their friend, colleague or confidant.  

You need an actor who will tell your story and reach your audience.

Think about it – the most impactful ads are ones that have the authenticy – the belief in your product as a genuine thing that will make your customers lives better.  You need a voice that is real.  Think Bradley Cooper for Nike, Julia Roberts for Nationwide, Rashida Jones for Southwest Airlines

These voices resonate with us, and live with us – often long after the ad has run its course. 

Commercial Samples

What style of commercial voice over does your project need?

At Mythica we focus on voiceover that straddles that fine line between a premium sound and a friendly budget. 

We work with clients all over the world (Australia, Germany, United States, Mexico, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland – the list goes on!) from our Source Connected studio. 

Why choose a female voice for your voiceover project? A recent study found that 66% of internet video viewers prefer a female voiceover to that of a male. Female voices are viewed as more friendly and trustworthy.

Whether you need that hook in a short form commercial of 6 seconds – or a longer 30 second-er  – we offer a female voice that is in tune with your needs and your voice!

Commercial Voice Over Samples

Versatile Female Voice Over

Multiple Languages, Accents and Styles:

Do you need a talent who can switch from languages and accents with authentic fluency? Felicia is a fully bilingual talent and has brought commercials to life ranging from English (native) to Italian (native), to German (non-native). 

Felicia’s skill with languages and – by extension – her love of accents, makes her a flexible talent for your commercial pieces.
Do you need a voice with a hint of the European? We have worked in Spanish, Icelandic, German and Italian!
We’ve provided a female voiceover for clients who want just that little hint of the unknown. 

Contact me today for a free consultation about your project.

Commercial voiceover styles we love working on:

    • Brand Anthems
    • Mood Films
    • Commercials of all lengths
    • Radio commercials
    • Web spots
    • Social spots
    • PSA (Public Service Announcements)

    • Just let us know your preferred format, length and style of voice and we will create something we are both proud of!

Book Now!

If you want to start recording tomorrow, need a consult, a demo, or have a question, book with us today, and we’ll reply within one business day.

Our general turnaround time is 24 hours – depending on project length. Rates are based on the GVAA rate card as well as project parameters.

Please send as many details as you can, including:

  • length
  • usage
  • market
  • budget
  • timeline

Edited or Raw files in WAV, MP3 or AIFF format – to your preference.

Directed or self directed sessions

Files delivered via Email, Dropbox.

Quotes are provided once project details are confirmed.

Let us bring your copy to life!